Pizza Ovens


Thanks to the features described below our ovens were also chosen by...

Energy saving and speed of cooking

Our ovens guarantee the total retention of the heat gained in the cooking area. The savings are significant. An oven which is turned off in the evening, the next morning will still show half the temperature reached the day before. You can cook with the maximum speed, with no need to take any break between a batch and the next because your oven will remain “nailed” to the set temperature. These conditions will ensure, throughout the life of the oven, a considerable economic benefit.

Refractory bricks

The refractory bricks are the heart of your oven. They are no less than 4 cm thick on the ground as well as on the top of the cooking area in order to keep the heat accumulated. The refractory bricks located in the lower part of the oven are solid and made of interlocking pattern, the upper ones are printed with a special flute for the accommodation of electric heaters.

Resistance and uniform cooking

The heating elements of your oven are made of bare nickel-chromium . The layout inside the frames is hand performed by our technicians in order to ensure uniform heat throughout the cooking area. The longevity of this kind of resistances, sis significantly greater than those known as armoured. Even the immediacy of response in the heating process is huge; the physiological decrease of the temperature that is recorded at the moment of putting something in the oven, will be of a very few degrees, immediately recovered during the cooking of the product.

Construction and longevity

The backbone of your oven is virtually indestructible. Core of thick and welded tubular is necessary to support the enormous weight of the refractory bricks and solicitations produced by the very high temperature. The great mass of thermal insulation is essential to retain even extreme temperatures, close to 450 degrees. The steel used for the front and side doors, is of the type AIS 304. Everything is designed and manufactured to resist the highest standard of work pressure. Even after decades of use, our oven will be able to offer the best performance.

All ovens are equipped with a mechanical-digital control panel or control panel with electronic card

Mechanical-digital control panel

This is the helm of your oven. The analogical instruments, which are reliable, durable and intuitive to handle, are positioned to be used promptly and comfortably. The power switches regulate the intensity of heat that comes from the lower part and the upper part of the cooking area, the internal temperature is controlled with the maximum precision by the thermoregulator. It is also possible, with this instrument, to program the automatic switching on of the system and also the cooking time, a buzzer will notify that it is time to bake. The LEDs indicate the activation of the tools and simplify the remote reading of the settings.

Electronic panel

Digital control panel, designed to maximize the energy savings and be used with great ease. Cooking timer, possibility of automatically turn on the oven, temperature control, power control with ten levels of resistance setting make this digital card a real jewel in electronics applied to our industry sector. Periodic switching on and off resistances allow a considerable reduction of power consumption. A dual display allows the simultaneous display of set temperature and the one in the cooking area.

  • Supporting structure of high strength
  • Thermal insulation of rock wool
  • Resistors in nickel lying on the bare hand
  • Soils and skies cooking refractory bricks cm. 4 thick
  • Cooking chamber, front and side door in stainless steel AISI 304 18/10
  • Seal Ceramic fiber door closing
  • Valves exhaust fumes
  • Digital temperature control
  • Digital timer for switching to digital timer cycle cooking
  • Control panel with microprocessor for energy saving

Maintain perfect temperature get in the cooking chamber even with huge workloads.

The cooking of the “Vera Pizza Napoletana”, as in a wood oven, takes place at a temperature of 450° C.

The cooking of “Vera Pizza Napoletana”, as in a wood-burning oven, last about a minute

Using a lower temperatures you can get a perfect cooking of every other pizza