Electric oven for pizza with control microprocessor electronic board. Frontal copper antique handmade. Vapor collection hood with cooking cm. diameter funnel 15 placed on top of the oven. There refractory bricks are the heart of your oven. They are no less than 4 cm thick on the ground as well as on the top of the coking area in order to keep the heat accumulated. The refractory bricks located in the lower part of the oven are “SORRENTO BRICKS“ while the upper ones are printed with a special flute for the accommodation of electric heaters.
The heating elements of your oven are made of bare nickel – chromium. The layout inside the frames is hand performer by our technicians in order to ensure uniform heat throughout the cooking area. During cooking there are no decrease of temperature.

Cooking chamber dimension
Pizza capacity
External dimension (L P H)
75 x 113
N° 6 pizza Ø cm 33
110 x 135* x 172
103 x 113
N° 9 pizza Ø cm 33
145 x 151* x 198

*marble windowsill + 30 cm

The cooking time for a pizza is about 60 seconds.

As in a traditional wood oven.

Average temperature 450/470 °C.

Your oven bakes constantly at 450 ° C and higher. The strong system together with the thermal insulation keeps the high temperature even when coping with continuous and intense work.

Cooking floor "Biscotto di Sorrento".

The refractory bricks are the heart of your oven: 4 cm depth both at the bottom and at the top of the cooking chamber in order to keep all the heat produced. The floor is made of "Biscotto di Sorrento". This particular refractory brick is hand made by old furnaces, air-dried and afterwards oven-dried. It has been used for centuries for the floor of every wood oven. His great quality is to evenly and constantly spread the heat, giving the pizza its typical appearance and taste that made it famous throughout the world.

Electronic data sheet and electric resistance.

The digital panel is very simple to use. Thanks to it, your oven works with minimum energy consumption, the system can be automatically powered on and the bottom and the top of the room can be operated independently. Most importantly, all this allows any product besides the pizza to be cooked with this oven. The resistors are in naked Nickel Chrome and expertly hand-stretched. Since they cover each and every point of the cooking chamber the pizza is cooked in the same way wherever it is placed.


The revolving wheels make this rollaway oven easy to be moved even by a single person.


In the oven there is no burning wood or gas. The tube that is going to put serves to convey the heat and any smoke that is produced in the event that accidentally burn flour, oil or another.

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