Counters and Windows

They are realized for display and storage of gastronomic products. The system of heating is realized to warm dry / damp with possibility, therefore, to humidify the display environment setting in water into a special container to disappearance. Also in double boiler with addition of bowl on display top of of thermo window.

Every model can be furnished with linear or curved crystals, inside illumination and other interesting features. The production of our series thermos windows are integrated by construction on specific applications and measures. Particular dimensions and features can be realized for answering to various demands.

  • Top heating in steel inox AISI 304 18/10
  • Armored resistances
  • Thermostat of control of the inner temperature
  • Possibility of operation to double boiler with bowl (not inclusive)
  • linear or curved crystals
  • Double pirouetting wheel
  • Thermometer temperature inside client ‘s side (optional)
  • rounded shape of the front (optional on serious Mignon and Standard)
  • Superior lighting (optional on serious Mignon, Standard, Super 100)