Counters and Windows | GEO series

Hot counter performed inox aisi 304 with curved or straight glasse. Underlying structure is constructed with perforated iron sheet of various colours. In the middle are situated plexiglass letters. Back prt is realized with inox sliding doors and top shelf.

The “Geo” thermo windows are marked out by a funny front realized in colored plate and with plexiglass writing. In the special tops inserted in back part it is possible therefore to preserve and to put back things The available dimensions of series are cm 100 - 125 - 150.

Dimension (L P H)
Max power
Geo 100
103.5 x 56 x 128
1000 w
Geo 125
125 x 56 x 132.5
1600 w
Geo 150
148 x 56 x 132.5
1600 w

The external dimensions also include the warm top and they refer to the windows with linear glass, but with curved glasses the heigh increase of cm 1 showcases from 65 and 80 cms), cm 6 (showcases from 100), cm 3 (showcases from 150).