Counters and Windows | GEO & HOT DOG series

Hot counter performed inox aisi 304 with curved or straight glasses. On the display plane is inserted a roller hot dog warmer and number 6 gastronom 1/6 basins (Hot Dog version) with addition of a humid warm zone (Geo & Hot Dog version). Back part is realized with inox sliding doors and top shelf.

The showcases of the serious Hot dog and Geo & Hot dog is characterized by the insertion on expositive top cooking wurstel with 7 rolls and of 6 bowls from 1/6. The front is realized in coloured foil with plexiglass writing. It is also possible produce other measures on request.

Dimension (L P H)
Max power
Hot Dog 125
    126.5 x 70 x 143.5
1350 w
Geo Hot Dog 160
158 x70 x 143.5
1350 + 800 w
Geo Hot Dog 200
204 x 70 x 143.5
1350 + 800 w

The external dimensions also include the warm top and they refer to the windows with linear glass, but with curved glasses the heigh increase of cm 1 showcases from 65 and 80 cms), cm 6 (showcases from 100), cm 3 (showcases from 150).