Since 1951 we have had a costant focus on improving our products. In the past as today we are so wel knowfor producing the finest ovens. It is because we set the highest standards for design, energy and efficiency, manufacturing quality and customer service.

We can arrange planning/design and equipment for Restaurant, Pizzeria, Pastry, Bar, Pub and...

Our strengths

  • Maximum strength oven and versatility, long lasting for maximum performance for every type of cooking.
  • Counters and display or window with a simple and elegant design, able to retain the fragrance el humidity of the product as just cooked.
  • Roasterswith outer space limitation have a great capacity and reliability.

The cutting-edge technology is a requirement for a enduring furniture. Components of primary reliability help to make a perfect system. In According with a good work we have to consider the most important thing: the man. His Contribute, intuition and creativity are extremely important features for a perfect project.


The designed product is in conformity with the European Low and Directive. Our long experience guarantee our equimpment inclueded: engine, cooling system, resistance and electric and electronic parts.


We can offer an accurate delivery and installatio service.Everything will be installed to the highest industry standards.


Items are installed in accordance with established handling requirements . if you should require further support. Fully trained personal to ensure you receive fast and reliable service to mantain a strong relationship with our customers who believe in our reliability and competence.